Far, far worse, Toto: this is the thumbnail page of my Fanzine Art Gallery. If you start scrolling down now, you will easily reach this visual salad bar within an instant. But that would mean missing out on the following introduction. It's all up to you.

    In 1959 my first cartoon for a fanzine appeared in Seattle's CRY OF THE NAMELESS, edited by F.M. and Elinor Busby. It was ghastly beyond belief, but I eventually developed a passable style while contributing to other fanzines like VOID (Greg Benford, Ted White) and XERO (Dick and Pat Lupoff, Bhob Stewart). Since then I've been steadily drawing for fanzines and convention publications for the past 45 years. Roughly over 4000 cartoons, comics strips, caricatures and illustrations.

    If you're at all familiar with fanzines you know that feedback is the coin of the realm rather than actual filthy lucre, and inasmuch as all us artists are obsessed with money it must be puzzling that... ? ? ...You know, by golly, I never thought of that until now! Good Lord, I've wasted over forty years of my life drawing for bloody free, like it was fun or something! Ach! What a fool I've been!!

    Actually, it continues to be fun, and all those people mentioned above have been friends of mine for all this time, so I'd guess that was worth something that I can take with me.  On the practical side, working as a fan cartoonist provided me with the experience and confidence I needed in 1975 to launch my professional career that went belly-up in two decades later (but I had fun there, too) .

    Every once in a while I get nominated for a Fan Artist Hugo and I expect to get one posthumously any year now. My other outstanding honor was winning the first Bill Rotsler Award in 1998. Bill and I collaborated on various cartoons over the years,  some of which are included below. I admired WR greatly: he was one of the people I did all those doodles for. The rest of you know who you are....

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