I love various types of abstract, or non-representational, art, from the pure excitement of "classic" moderns like Stuart Davis, Joan Miro or Paul Klee --visual jazz!-- to the bent humor of Red Grooms or Thomas Friedman. My list of favorites is too long to list and link here, spanning many movements and eras, so I'll resist the temptation to proselytize (with that one exception, Mr. Friedman).

In the 1960s I experimented with collages made with ditto masters, running them off on a spirit duplicator. To my knowledge, this is the only form of art of its kind. (Wonder if I should contact some art galleries.)

Unfortunately, these days I've had very little time to indulge in any kind of abstracts using traditional mediums:  maybe over a dozen pieces in as many years. That bas-relief over on the left is my most recent attempt at abstraction, and it was started in 1998!

At the rate I'm going, I'll never get around to doing a full-size pencil tracing of that Jackson Pollock painting, Summertime:Number 9A, or a full-scale zipatone rendering of Pablo Picasso's Guernica.

Besides, who's got the wall space? And have you ever checked out prices of canvas? Acrylics or oils? Man, that stuff's expensive! I can't afford it --I'm an artist!

Thanks to computer technology, though, those problems involving time, money, and wall space have been solved: when I acquired my first Mac, it came with Studio 8. Below are some of the results. Hopefully some of them will find their way to canvas.

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